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What is your relationship with IWCC?


Where did the events you want to communicate take place?

White HouseSantiagopiqueOther

What type of complaint do you want to make??

Workplace Harassmentsexual harassmentchild laborOccupational health and occupational safetyFreedom of association and collective agreementsHiring and working conditionsmoney launderingterrorist financingBribery of a national or foreign Public OfficialRobo or hurto, embezzlement, fraud and scamBriberymisuse of informationMisuse of company resourcesDiscriminationInterest conflictManipulation or falsification of dataConsumption, possession or sale of drugs, alcohol or drugs within the companyImproper acceptance or delivery of gifts or presents, invitations and tripsDisclosure and/or use of confidential informationIrregularities in the process of choosing and contracting SuppliersViolation of free competition regulationsViolations of the Code of EthicsViolations of internal regulationsPlantation Managementwater management, energy and wasteEnvironmental pollutionproduct safetyProduct qualityProduct LegalityOther type of event

How did you become aware of the facts??

I heard iti watched itIt happened to meA colleague told meSomeone from outside the company told meOther

Description of the facts

Include in your description the people involved in the event with as much detail as possible, setting name, surname, area in which they perform their duties, people who have tried to cover up the fact (to exist) and if this complaint has been made before to any head or in any instance of the Company.

In case you have any file or document that supports your complaint, we appreciate including by clicking examine: