Sophisticated and elegant are the sparkling wines from Viña Indómita. At all times you deserve to enjoy life, Indómita invites you to live the experience.


60% Chardonnay / 40% Pinot Noir


Valleys and Vineyards

From the Casablanca Valley, a valley of cold weather, where fresh and saline winds from the Pacific prevail. extreme place for vine, well, annual heat buildup barely touches the suggested minimum. Maturity occurs slowly and smoothly, achieving his perfect level.

The vineyard was planted between 1998 y 2005, on a simple vertical trellis. Irrigation is by drip and has a frost control system. The orchard is on the plane, with north-south orientation and its vigor is balanced. It is managed by promoting ventilation and taking care of the excesses of direct light in the environment of the cluster..


hand harvested grapes; base wine fermented under controlled conditions. Second fermentation takes place in autoclaves (hermetic pressurized tanks). are between 45 a 60 days in contact with the lees for better bubble development.

CATA's notes

Fruity, unattainable bubble, long ending


Fruity; Pomelo, Green apple, pan.


Combine it with:

Red meat
White meats
Fish and seafood